Symphysiotomy Claims

Symphysiotomy was a procedure carried on in hospitals from the 1940s until the early 1990s. The purpose of the surgery was to ease childbirth by widening the birth canal of a pregnant woman during childbirth. Essentially it involved the widening of the pregnant womans pelvis.It is clear from reported histories this procedure was widely misused and resulted in many women being left with life long problems with mobility, incontinence, chronic pain and depression.

In the normal course it would not be possible at this remove to bring a claim against the hospital where the procedure was carried out or indeed the Doctor because of the Statute of Limitations which bars you from bringing an action for negligence at this late stage.  However the Minister for Health has indicated that he will facilitate legislation to essentially suspend the operation of the Statute of Limitations for a period of a year to facilitate women bringing claims arising out of symphysiotomy.  In many incidents the operation was carried out on the women without their consent having been obtained or indeed without them having any knowledge of the procedure or without them being advised that there was an alternative procedure that could have been carried out.

If it is that you or a member of your family underwent a symphysiotomy procedure it is essential that you make contact with us as soon as possible. The legislation is intended to be set aside for 1 year to afford people to bring the claim.  Before commencing the claim it is essential that copies of the medical records are obtained from the hospital and the relevant medical personnel.  As this is a medical negligence action the Proceedings will have to be instituted in the High Court/Circuit Court.

You are entitled to claim damages for the pain and suffering that you have gone through and you are also entitled to recoup the costs of previous medical treatment, previous loss of earnings and any other expenses that you have already incurred.   In addition you are entitled to claim for the costs of future medical treatment and future loss of earnings and other future costs.    Please contact Sean Mahon, Marie Conroy or Niamh Mahon, all of whom can advise you of what your rights are and the likelihood of the case being successful. All enquires will be dealt with in a discreet, sensitive and confidential manner.