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The breakdown of a marriage or partnership is an extremely emotional and distressing time for any person.  Legal matters are an unavoidable part of relationship breakdown and it is important that the best professional advice is obtained so as not to compound an already difficult and stressful time.  

We will advise you on your rights and obligations both to the other party and to children and the options of mediation and the various methods of dissolving a marriage through separation agreements, Judicial Separation, Divorce or nullity and the recent developments under the Civil Partnership and Cohabitation Act, 2010.


Mahon Sweeney Parking

During the works on Main Street and Market Square, Roscommon it is not possible for vehicles to enter Market Square.   We are extremely fortunate to have ample parking at the rear of our office. 

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Self Administered Pensions and Property Investment

Many self-employed people have self-administered pensions set up through various Banks or Trustee Companies.  It is still open to the owners of these Self-Administered Pension Schemes to use the pension funds to purchase properties.

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